Minus Eyewear - Rory Power - Black Silver - Front
Minus Eyewear Rory Power - Black Silver - Front Side Shot
Minus Eyewear - Rory Power - Wire Metal Frames High Prescriptions - Gold Silver Front shot
Minus Eyewear - Gold Tortoise - Rory Power - Round Metal Frames Front side shot
Minus - Rory Power - Black Silver - Back shot
Rory Power - Minus Glasses - Gold Tortoise Back shot
Rory Power Templates - Black Silver
Rory Power Templates - Gold Tortoise
Rory Power - Minus Eyewear - Side shot - Tortoise Gold Glasses
Minus Eyewear - Rory Power - Black Silver - Side shot
Minus Eyewear - Rory Power Gold - Male Model
Minus Eyewear - Silver - Rory Power - Model

Rory Power

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We've made the round metal wire style possible, whilst still having a steady grip on your lenses. Great as glasses, or get them made up as prescription sunglasses. This frame is the same as our Mati Power frame, without a brow bar. Case and cloth included.

Frame material: Titanium 

Take a look on our socials for examples of frames fitted with different prescriptions.

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We'll be updating the website too soon! 

Listen up! Ordering prescription lenses higher than -5 requires a measurement fitting at your optician. Which means you can't order them online straight away alongside your frames. Très annoying but for good reason.

We offer 1 type of specialist lens - Tokai high index 1.76 - the thinnest plastic lens possible. This lens may not be offered at your usual optician, and we're making it more accessible. 

What you need to do:

  • Buy your new Minus frames first, and take them to your eye test, after which ask your optician for support getting the fitting checks and measurements.
  • If you don't need a full eye exam and your prescription is up-to-date, pop back into your optician with your new frames and ask them for the fitting checks and measurements - it's likely they will help you out without any fuss. Or they may charge a small fee. 
  • Come back to us, and order your lenses.

Alternatively, you can order your lenses from your own optician. Read more about high index lens options here.

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