Purchase T&Cs

When placing an order, you are agreeing to our purchase terms of sale which are outlined below. You can view our delivery and returns policies separately here.


  • You are over 18 (by law, prescription glasses must not be sold online to customers under 18).
  • You are authorised to use the payment method you have chosen to pay for goods on the site.
  • You know of no reason why the prescription lenses which you are ordering would not be appropriate for you.
  • Your prescription is not over 2 years old, and was provided by a registered medical professional.
  • Your prescription lenses required ‘as worn’ measurements were provided by a registered medical professional, and apply to the glasses frames that you are ordering the lenses for.
  • You are not registered blind or partially sighted. 
  • You live in the United Kingdom.
  • You are ordering lenses for Minus Eyewear frames.


  • We will confirm your order request via email.
  • Payment will be processed after receipt of your order but prior to dispatch.
  • Prescription lens orders are only accepted by us once your payment has been processed, and reviewed and authorised by a dispensing optician. Minus Eyewear, on the advice of our supervising dispensing team, may reject an offer of sale if we feel we cannot meet your patient needs effectively.
  • Occasionally, on request, we may ask that you verify your prescription via the original prescription copy. You also give consent to us contacting your optician should we need to discuss any prescription assessments in further detail to facilitate the sale of your prescription lenses, and meet high levels of patient care.
  • If you wish to cancel a lenses order, please let us know as soon as possible. Depending on the status of the order, a refund may not be possible due to the personalised nature of the product.


If you experience discomfort in relation to lenses which you have purchased from Minus Eyewear, please stop using them and seek support from us and your optician. We will work with you to help determine the cause, alongside our supervising opticians. It may be necessary in this situation, to return the glasses to us so that we can complete checks to ensure the prescription and measurements you provided to us matches up with the dispensed lenses. In this instance, we will cover the postage costs. 

Minus Eyewear is not liable for medical advice or assessments such as eye tests or glasses fittings that you seek by another party in the pursuit of identifying the reason for the discomfort. 

Minus Eyewear is also not liable in the event that one of the below reasons is the cause of the discomfort. These reasons also invalidate any refund claims due to prescription lenses being a personalised product;

  • You have provided incorrect prescription and fitting measurements to us.
  • The lenses match the prescription and fitting measurements you provided, however your prescription has since changed, despite it being less than 2 years old.
  • Your optician has made an error with your prescription and you were provided with the wrong details.
  • The fitting measurements provided to us were incorrect (monocular centration distance, monocular pupil heights, pantoscopic tilt, back vertex distances), due to inaccuracies in measurement by the fitter, or because the glasses were not checked correctly in relation to the fit prior to measurement. In some cases, your glasses may have to be adapted so they fit your face correctly e.g. the temples tightened to grip behind your ears. These adaptations should be completed before your order measurements are taken, because they affect where your eyes sit behind the lenses, and subsequently the vision you receive from your glasses.

Minus Eyewear shall bear the risk of any damage to or loss of products during transport to the delivery address.

Quality assurance 

  • All of our products meet relevant British Standards.
  • Our frames pass BS EN ISO 12870:2018 testing (requirements for unglazed spectacle frames designed for use with all prescription lenses). Our metal wire models are pure titanium spectacle frames (99%).
  • All frames are registered with MHRA.
  • Our prescription lens service is overseen by supervising opticians. 


Get in touch with us at hello@minus-eyes.com if you have a questions. 


Last updated: March 2022