Why our frames are the best glasses for thick lenses & high myopia

Our launch collection ‘Power’ has been crafted and optimised for high minus prescriptions. Think they look like any other ordinary glasses? Great. That’s what we were going for, but here’s how we’ve made them slicker, and thicker than your average…

1. Round and optimised lens shapes

Short-sighted (myopic or negative) lenses get cut out of a round concave optical lens (i.e. a shape that gets thicker towards the edge). So your frame lens shape plays a part in how thick your lenses end up being. If you cut out an oblong shape, then you’ll incorporate thicker edges at the corners. Whilst a more rounded lens is best to help to bring areas of thickness down.

2. Staying away from wide lens widths

Because your lenses are concave in shape: the bigger your lens size in a frame, the thicker your lenses will end up being. That’s why you might have been told to buy a narrow frame, and why we’ve stayed clear from wide lens designs. Big lenses are cool, and we wish we could have it all, but life is about compromise right? 

3. Wider temple lugs

To balance out the lens width, the lugs (the bit where the frame meets the sides) has been designed slightly wider to give a great fit. It’s not cool to look like you’ve shopped from the kids section is it, and this makes sure they fit adult sized heads. 

4. Covered lens thickness at the sides

Lens thickness is covered at the sides when combined with up to -10 prescriptions and high index 1.74 lens thinness. Our frame shapes are crafted out of 8mm acetate material which is thicker than your ‘average’ high street frame, and when combined with all of the above measurements and shapes, we’ve crafted an optimised lens holder i.e. glasses frame. 

Rupert Power -9.5 prescription lens fit

Rupert Power frame with -9.5 high index 1.74 lens fit

5. Lens groove slot placement

There is a little groove slot in the inside of your frame that you’d see if you popped your lenses out. Because every millimetre counts in the game of lens thickness, we’ve tweaked ours compared to the industry standard to bring it closer to the front of the frame. Which means you get less of that iceberg bulge effect out of the back. 

6. We don’t embellish

We’ve not added extra stuff to the frames like metal pins that serve no function, because you know what this adds…weight! And we already know that on a warm day your glasses abuse your nose as a slip and slide.

In fact, we’ve incorporated shaping that removes any excess frame material like the subtle minus symbol at the front, and scalloping down the sides of the temple legs. Keeping it simple also means we’re that little bit more sustainable.

We hope you love the frames and think we’ve made the right calls when it comes to the design. View the full collection here.

High myopia (short-sightedness) is a rising global problem, which is getting worse. Explore our site further to learn more about the issue and how you can look after your eyes.