High prescription lenses - fitting measurements

Ordering prescription lenses higher than -5 requires a measurement fitting at your optician. Which means you can't order them online from us alongside your frames. Très annoying but for good reason.

So you'll need to take your new Minus frames into your local optician to order and fit lenses. 

Why - the short version:

The fit of high prescription lenses is customised to you, and where your eyes sit in the frames. To create them, you need your prescription and other measurements that you can only get when you're wearing the glasses frame that you are ordering the lenses for. 

Why - the full story:

To make sure your vision will end up being correct, you need to make sure your glasses fit your face properly. This means they feel comfortable, sit straight, and there is no pinching or slipping. Your frame fit may need adapting slightly, for example the temples may need bending a little so they grip your ears better. The optical centre of your lenses are positioned based on where they will sit over your eyes. If you change the fit, then this position will no longer be correct and you won’t be able to see as well. You can also say hello to headaches.

Once your glasses fit like a glove, your fitter can proceed to take the ‘as worn’ measurements needed to make your lenses:

  • Monocular centration distance or ‘duel pupillary distance’ - where your pupils sit in each lens compared to the distance from your nose.
  • Monocular pupil heights - where your pupil sits in relation to the bottom of the frame. This measure may need to be adapted based on the pantoscopic tilt which is the angle the lens sits on your face. This can be affected by how high or low your ears sit on your face.
  • Back vertex distances - the distance between your eye, and the glasses lens that sits in the frame. This is taken for both sides. 

These measurements with your prescription, can then be sent off so a lab can accurately make and fit your lenses.