Myopia support & management

Treatment and childhood intervention 

There are a number of ways you can slow down myopia in childhood. The best first step is to find an optician for your child who offers specific services in myopia management and care. 

They will be able to explore with you if treatments like specialist contact lenses, and glasses lenses will benefit your child, such as MiSight and Esslior Stellest. As well as offer advice on lifestyle and environmental factors that play a role in myopia progression. 

And for you adults - finding an optician that focuses on myopia or high myopia specifically will set you up for a more comfortable and informed visit to the opticians. 

Financial support

If you’re eligible, the NHS offer support for eye tests and towards the costs of lenses. If your prescription is over -10/+10, then your eye test should be free. 

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If your job mainly entails working on a computer (DSE user), then the law says that your employer must arrange or cover an eye test. 

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Latest information

The College of Optometrists is a great source of information on the latest treatments and research on the topic of myopia, especially guidance on childhood myopia development. 

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Connecting with people like you

There are lots of groups on socials like Facebook that bring together glasses wearers, parents of high myopies and others, to chat about all things eyesight. 

Wearing specs and worrying about your eye health can suck and it’s important to talk. You can also follow us on Instagram or Facebook for latest content.