Apple’s vision health features that encourage healthy device usage

This summer, Apple released two key features aimed at reducing the risk of myopia (nearsightedness), particularly in children. It’s great to see the tech giants acknowledging this growing issue and looking to help slow it down - hallelujah! 

The features are centred around 2 behaviours related to reducing the risk of myopia - spending time outdoors in daylight, and not looking at a device too close up. 

Monitoring time spent in daylight

In the health app, Apple watch wearers can monitor time spent in daylight outside, which is detected by the built in ambient sensor.

Screen Distance 

The second update is a screen distance feature which prompts users to move their device further away if they’re holding it closer than 12 inches for a certain amount of time, and won’t let you carry on until you’ve done so. 

To switch this on, search for ‘Screen Distance’ in your iOS settings or go to Settings > Screen time > Screen Distance. 

Apple iOS screen distance settings switch on  Apple iOS screen distance settings switch on